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CREW Upstate 2018 Award Winners

CREW Upstate Dealmaker 2018

Dealmaker: A CREW Upstate member who receives this award exemplifies quality work and performance in their field via transaction volume, groundbreaking deal size, or other industry achievement. The award winner proves to be a producer, connecter, manager, or trailblazer, and an individual that displays excellence, resourcefulness, collaboration, and industry best practices.

Dealmaker: Kimberly Bailey

The 2018 Dealmaker Award winner, Kimberly Bailey, has worked in the construction industry with Brasfield & Gorrie for 12 years. As a CREW Upstate member since 2015, Bailey currently serves as the CREW Upstate Secretary for a second year.


Bailey earned a Bachelor of Science in building construction and is a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Accredited Professional. As project manager in the Greenville office, Bailey strives to satisfy clients and promote growth of the female presence in a predominantly male industry.


Leading and supervising many prominent projects, Bailey is managing the $35 million Camperdown project, a mixed-use development in the heart of downtown Greenville.“[The Camperdown project] is a complex project that has required me to manage a lot of moving parts, including relationships with multiple owners, subcontractors, and vendors,” Bailey says. “I have had to be flexible, resourceful, and innovative in order to be successful.”


Bailey uses innovative thinking to solve problems, and she collaborates with all key stakeholders involved in the project.


“I am inspired by the increasing number of females in construction. Women have a lot to offer this industry, and the numbers are starting to reflect that,” she says. “I hope that I can be an example to young women interested in careers and leadership positions that have not typically been filled by women in the past.”

CREW Upstate Rising Star Award 2018

Rising Star: A CREW Upstate member who receives this award reached a milestone or unique career success. Under the age of 35, this recipient is someone to watch in the future. This person approaches tasks with ambition and intuition to create something new or unique; providing services, developing products, or improving practices by organizing, developing, or innovatively using available recourses. The Rising Star recipient shines bright.

Rising Star: Alison Hollstegge

Alison Hollstegge, Market Leader for CBI, received the Rising Star award.


Hollstegge graduated from Furman with a degree in Communications Studies in 2009 and then acquired a Masters in Interior Design at Savannah College of Art & Design in 2012.


From there, Hollstegge worked as a Sales Consultant with CBI, an interior solutions provider offering workplace strategy and furniture solutions to a wide range of clients.


Hollstegge was then promoted to Market Leader in 2015 at the age of 27. As Market Leader, Hollstegge obtained a lot of responsibilities; her primary role being to manage the Greenville office, which includes developing business strategy, managing profitability, promoting thought leadership, planning events, and managing projects and design.


Hollstegge achieved a 20% increase in profitability from 2016 to 2017.


She attributes much of her proactive habits back to her athletic youth. “I grew up an athlete, and played D1 volleyball at Furman University, Hollstegge said. “I attribute much of my success thus far to the skills I developed on the court: teamwork, dedication, and attitude. I learned the value of goal-setting and the importance of healthy competition.


Apart from work, Hollstegge is involved in many community activities. She is the CREW Upstate Sponsorship Committee Chair for a second year, works with a third-party business coach, and is a member of CBI’s internal Leadership Training Program. “Like most things in life, you get out what you put in.” Hollstegge said.

CREW Upstate Career Advancement Award 2018

Career Advancement for Women: A CREW Upstate member who receives this award exhibits CREW Network’s mission to advance the achievements of women in commercial real estate. The award recipient has impacted one or more women by equipping them with skills or confidence to advance in their careers through new opportunities.

Career Advancement for Women: Jayne McCall

Jayne McCall is the Vice President of the Hughes Development Corporation, and has been honored with the award for Career Advancement for Women.


When she first moved to Greenville with her family in 1982, she saw a sign advertising Hughes Development. Later in her life, she worked temporarily for the director of the Furman-Clemson MBA program at Furman University. The director later recommended McCall when a position at Hughes opened. “Never in my wildest imagination could I have ever dreamed that I would spend 35 years building a career with the same Hughes on that sign that I used to see when my family visited Greenville,” McCall said.


When starting at Hughes, McCall focused on learning the commercial real estate development industry. “Not only for the purpose of my hired position but simply for pursuing opportunities to do more,” McCall said. “I was mentored by the best and was taught both the importance of the little details and the vast complexities of commercial real estate.”


Since then, McCall has had over 30 years of significant impact. She currently leads a division that manages over 230,000 square feet of medical office space in nine buildings, and over 1.9 million square feet of office and retail space.


“I have been extremely blessed to be a part of Hughes and the opportunities to add my contributions to its decades of successes.” McCall said.

CREW Upstate Development Impact 2018

Development Impact: Recent projects within one of four categories (office, retail, industrial, or multifamily) are honored with this award when they significantly and measurably impact the community in a positive way. These real estate projects help transform and revitalize the built environment as well as the community, reaching far beyond the project boundaries.

Development Impact: City of Greenville Public Works

The 2018 Development Impact Award winner, the new City of Greenville Public Works Campus, required the collaboration of several CREW Upstate member companies including DP3 Architects, The City of Greenville, Harper Corporation, PMC Interiors, and Seamon Whiteside & Associates. The project resulted in an award-winning, state-of-the-art campus.


Director of Public Works, Mike Murphy, says the new campus is truly amazing and attributes the success to the perseverance and dedication of all involved. “The new facility, constructed under the Construction Manager at Risk process, is an environmentally compliant facility designed to accommodate public works operations for the next 50 years,” Murphy says. “The City, DP3 Architects, and Harper Construction worked as partners to bring this project in under budget and months ahead of schedule.”


The $19.7 million, 33-acre campus houses six of the nine divisions under the public works umbrella (administration, fleet services, solid waste, storm water, wastewater, streets/sidewalks) in over 100,000 square feet of space. A full-service truck and auto wash with a covered fueling station is also included. Future phases of the project will include relocating building services and engineering services as well.


“We are all inspired by the feeling that what we do on a daily basis means something and is important in the quality of the lives of the citizens we are dedicated and honored to serve,” Murphy says. “We want to do our jobs with the least amount of intrusion possible and be as efficient as tasks, time, and weather permit. Our new Public Works Campus helps us do just that.”

CREW Upstate Development Impact Award 2018

Development Impact: Recent projects within one of four categories (office, retail, industrial, or multifamily) are honored with this award when they significantly and measurably impact the community in a positive way. These real estate projects help transform and revitalize the built environment as well as the community, reaching far beyond the project boundaries.

Development Impact: Aug W. Smith Building

The award for development impact was given to the Aug W. Smith building restoration project in downtown Spartanburg.


The collaboration of several CREW Upstate member companies including McMillan Pazdan Smith and Harper Corporation led to the purchase and re-development of the historic building named after the department store it housed beginning in the 1920s.


Aug W. Smith department store closed in 1981, and was passed around between various owners since then. In 2013, the building was foreclosed, and it had remained vacant until recently.


The property originally included 45 luxury apartments and two ground-level retail spaces. The project added two floors to the existing structure which brought the total floors to seven, including the basement. There is also the potential for a third retail space on the basement level facing Dunbar Street.


Patty Bock, Economic Development Director for the City of Spartanburg, said that the building is a historic land mark of downtown Spartanburg and is strategic to revitalizing the area. “This is a really important catalyst north of Church Street and will transform that area, as most development has been south of Church Street,” Bock said.


The newly renovated building preserves many of the historic features of the original architecture and provides a space in a growing Spartanburg downtown that is walkable to more than 30 restaurants and bars, urban parks, and downtown retail and events.