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CREW Upstate is the business development organization of choice for commercial real estate professionals in Upstate South Carolina.

How will I benefit from being a member?

Reduced-Member Pricing

Receive members-only, reduced pricing to luncheons and events that include networking opportunities with high-level CRE professionals.

Exclusive Access

Members are invited to participate in professional development-focused CREW Chats, and business development-focused, small-group CREW Conversations.

Leadership Development

Industry research, developmental programming, and relationship cultivation provide leadership development that will assist in reaching your short- and long-term commercial real estate career goals.

Transaction Cultivation

Members have access to key-decision makers within every facet of commercial real estate in the Upstate.

Participation Opportunities

As a member, you are eligible to sit on the Board of Directors or participate in a CREW Upstate committee, further increasing your exposure to industry professionals, providing exclusive leadership development, and giving you the tools to make the most out of your membership.

CREW Network Benefits

CREW Upstate members also have access to the membership benefits of the national organization, CREW Network, including exclusive access to CREWbiz – a business networking tool and 11,000+ member directory.

Isn’t this organization just for the ladies?

Supporting the mission to advance the achievements of women in the CRE industry takes the support of men, as well as women! Plus, networking works best when all the players are in the room, male and female. We currently have several male members that are taking advantage of all the benefits this organization has to offer!

I’m sold, sign me up!

To apply for a new membership, please complete the New Membership Application. Once you are approved for membership, you will receive an invoice email from CREW Network. The invoice will include the appropriate membership dues package and the CREW Upstate South Carolina application fee of $25.


A Full Member must have at least five (5) years’ experience in, and be currently involved in a substantially full-time, professional position with primary responsibility in one or more Qualified Fields.


Associate Member status is available to an applicant who is currently employed in a substantially full-time professional position with primary responsibility in one or more Qualified Fields, but who has less than five (5) years’ experience in such fields.


Civic Member status is available to an applicant who is involved in local or regional government, other public agencies, universities, or other educational institutions or not-for-profit organizations, who may or may not meet primary responsibility or experience requirements, but admission furthers the purposes of the Association and benefits the Members.


Student Member status is available to an applicant who is enrolled full time in an undergraduate program pursuing education intended to lead to a career in a Qualified Field.


Vendor Member status is available to an applicant (a) currently employed full time in a field the primary professional responsibilities of which relate to, benefit or support commercial real estate; (b) who supplies a service or physical product related to commercial real estate; and (c) whose membership in the Association is determined by the Board of Directors to benefit the Association or the Members. A Vendor Member need not practice in a Qualified Field.