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CREW Upstate Facts and Track


From the organization’s inception, we have focused on cultivating relationships, building businesses, and advancing the careers of women in commercial real estate.

CREW Upstate is made up of 100+ members



Over 90% of our members are in a qualified field of commercial real estate, which is 15% greater than the minimum CREW Network requirement.



CREW Network requires at least 51% of chapter members to have 5 or more years of experience in commercial real estate. CREW Upstate exceeds that requirement by 19%.



Nearly 29% of our members are their company’s CEO, president, partner, vice president, or senior manager.


Higher Education

Over 90% hold college or graduate degrees.

Looking Ahead

As we look forward to the next ten years and beyond, CREW Upstate will work to achieve the following objectives:

1. Influence and engage members:

    • a. Increase member-to-member business and business referrals across all CRE markets and industry sectors by maintaining members in the qualified fields of commercial real estate.
    • b. Focus PR strategies in communicating the value of the brand.
    • c. Raise the visibility of members through leadership opportunities in CREW Upstate and CREW Network by positioning them for honors, awards, and corporate opportunities.


2. Provide value and benefits to members:

    • a. Maintain a strong connection and commitment to CREW Network and CREW Network Foundation to strengthen our industry.
    • b. Tell the CREW Network brand story (value proposition) and the services we provide to support members’ career goals
    • c. Provide relevant and important program content.


3. Encourage industry leadership:

    • a. Mentor and recruit students and rising stars to be future influencers of our industry.
    • b. Be recognized as the premier commercial real estate association in the Upstate with over 100 members from all qualified CRE fields, including members from diverse backgrounds.
    • c. Develop strategies to actively advocate for the CREW mission.


4. Ensure organizational sustainability through strong corporate governance.