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Darath Mackie - CREW Upstate Past President 2013
Darath Mackie
CREW Upstate President 2013

Associate with Lee and Associates

Darath Mackie has more than 20 years in sales and business development experience; with the past 10 years focused in the Upstate SC construction and waste industries. Darath is actively involved in the community and a member of several business and professional organizations. She was the 2015/16 President of IFMA, where she has served on the Board of Directors for over 5 years, is a past President of CREW Upstate, and currently serves on the ULI Urban Land Institute / Upstate Executive Committee. Among Darath’s many accomplishments, in 2014 she successfully completed the Community and Economic Development Program from the South Carolina Economic Development Institute. Darath is passionate about environmental stewardship and green building practices, as well as influencing women in the construction, architecture, real estate, and facility management fields. She believes in embracing, encouraging, and leading collaborative community improvement projects, which she promotes as an ambassador for industry trends like eco-friendly building initiatives.

1. How did being president of CREW Upstate impact you?
Before being President of CREW Upstate I had lead many other organizations in my career. A fact that I though equipped me well for the challenge; I learned very quickly that leading this organization was going to be an experience unlike anything I could have imagined. I grew expeditiously both personally and professionally due to the relationships I made within CREW. I even changed my career path and became a commercial real estate agent a few years later largely in part to being involved with CREW Upstate. It confirmed for me that you get out of an organization what you put in and always lead by example.


2. What was one major achievement/accomplishment that occurred during your presidential year?
We had so many things to celebrate that year, but if I had to pick one thing I would have to say I am so very proud of everyone who played a role in us hosting the Regional. For a Chapter that was still in its infancy and in a secondary market to successful host that event was an achievement we should all be proud of.


3. How would you like to see CREW Upstate evolve in the next 5-10 years?
I would like to see CREW Upstate develop a membership strategy that would mature and evolve their membership to be more diverse and inclusive.


4. If you were to sum up your CREW Upstate presidential year in one word, what would it be?
This was the most difficult question to answer. There has not been a word invented yet to describe that year. It was wonderfully challenging and equally rewarding personally and professionally. But what made it all those things was being able to serve a community and a cause I am passionate about; so I guess the word I will use is Fulfilment.


5. Where are you now?
During my time as CREW Upstate President I was a Business Development specialist with a local commercial construction firm, being a member, committee chair, board member and then President of CREW allowed me to network with extraordinary women from many different businesses all over the world. These valuable woman encouraged me and nurtured my desire to become a commercial real estate professional. The relationships I made so many years ago and continue to make plays a large role in my success. Being a secondary market like the Upstate make having those relationships with other CRE professionals priceless.