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Meg Scoopmire - CREW Upstate Past President 2012
Meg Scoopmire
CREW Upstate President 2012

Shareholder with Haynsworth Sinkler Boyd

Meg Scoopmire combines her legal knowledge and experience with her practical approach to problem solving to structure transaction and transaction documents in furtherance of her clients’ goals and objectives. She is a skilled issue spotter who provides effective and efficient counsel to clients. She is a Greenville, SC native and coleader of Haynsworth Sinkler Boyd’s Real Estate Team. Meg routinely provides general corporate and business advice to clients with primary emphasis on commercial real estate transactions and financing. Meg is an approved attorney and agent for several national title companies and is a designated attorney for the US Small Business Administration Development Company Loan Program (504).

1. How did being president of CREW Upstate impact you?
Serving as President of CREW, just like being a member of CREW, has countless personal and professional benefits. In order to do my job well I think it is important for me to be proficient in my particular skill set but also to understand my role in the larger transaction or organization. Being engaged with an organization like CREW provides the resources and the opportunity to develop that understanding from individuals who excel in their own fields of interest. The supportive and friendly environment of CREW allowed me to engage with people from diverse backgrounds to enrich my awareness of my clients’ broader base of customers and stakeholders. It also gave me an opportunity to learn and grow leadership skills and experience the responsibility of envisioning an organization’s potential and creating and achieving the organizational goals.


2. What was one major achievement/accomplishment that occurred during your presidential year?
Probably topping the 50 member mark. Although I think another milestone was reaching a point in the financial health of the organization that allowed us to move beyond every event being “all hands on deck” to operating with a budget capable of supporting the organizations activities. Best example – hiring caterers for the CREW social events rather than it always being potluck (although I really Kacie’s snickerdoodles!). The Communications Committee also worked hard to get social media up and running and to improve chapter communication.


3. How would you like to see CREW Upstate evolve in the next 5-10 years?
I would like to see CREW expand geographically into more of the upstate with membership that reflects the chapter name.


4. If you were to sum up your CREW Upstate presidential year in one word, what would it be?
Commitment, Our year was the third year of the organization. The organization was starting to get its legs under it and was heading towards being able to stand on its own and the commitment of the leadership and members to make that a reality was apparent. The time, energy, and emotion that all devoted to making sure the organization grew, expanded, provided value to its members, and succeeded was so evident.


5. Where are you now?
I can certainly attribute much of my success to my experience with CREW. CREW provides resources, connections, support, and opportunities that have supported my advancement in my career.